An African Valentine

An African Valentine

Did you know that there are traditionally seven celebratory days leading up to actual Valentines Day?

  • 7th February – Happy Rose day
  • 8th February – Happy Propose day
  • 9th February – Happy Chocolate day
  • 10th February – Happy Teddy day
  • 11th February – Happy Promise day
  • 12th February – Happy Hug day
  • 13th February – Happy Kiss day

Of course, there is also the Anti- Valentines week:

  • 7th February – Happy Slap day
  • 8th February – Happy Kick day
  • 9th February – Happy Perfume day
  • 10th February – Happy Flirting day
  • 11th February – Happy Confession day
  • 12th February – Happy Missing day
  • 13th February – Happy Breakup day

And for the South African Valentines…?

We braai, naturally. A braai is the better version of a BBQ. We use proper charcoal and wood (preferably Rooikrans).

The missus gets all the love in the morning, perhaps even breakfast in bed, served on Ouma’s tray (that has been meticulously handed down through the generations and cared for, as if Ouma were sharing this day). Mid-morning tea is specially served with, ironically, Ouma’s rusks and a rose picked from someone’s garden or from the quick trip down the road to the 7/11, because hey, let’s be honest, the guy most likely forgot what day it was.

Having the missus happy is a great way to start the day, but starting the braai at 9am, gets the juices flowing.

Now don’t get me wrong, the missus is all for the braai, die manne braai (the men cook), she get’s to chill with the ladies, the kids are out in the garden somewhere, everyone is happy.

A valentines day without a Braai is generally not a happy day.

If the Braai is not for you (I send my condolences), perhaps a chilled day is in order and finished off with a journey to your favourite restaurant, where the Chef’s have prepared mouth-watering dishes to get the juices flowing. There is nothing wrong with this journey, as long as some other poor sod is washing your dishes.

Why the long story? I’m South African, we tell stories that start at point A, go to point D, then back to point B, before remembering we needed to get somewhere with our point….

Khoi Khoi Bar & Braai is far more organized and they have got you sorted for Valentines (or anti-valentines) this year:

A 3 course fine dining, restaurant quality meal for two of you – all you need to do is reheat the items, creatively plate them, sit and enjoy decadence in your own home.

They have included a bottle of the Pecking Order Merlot (straight from Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa) to spoil you even more.

To all the South Africans reading this post, allow me to quote from and leave you with a proper South African Valentines poem (please could a South African translate for the rest of the world):

Ek smaak you stukkend, please say you’ll be mine
You’re my moon, my stars, my Camp’s Bay sunshine

You’re my beaded love-letter, my breeze in the night
You’re my rooibos, my koeksister, my blitz firelight

You make me feel better, you have the know-how
I smaak you even more than Durb’s bunny-chow

You’re my lamb-chop, my ribbetjies, my dröe wors et al
You’re my Mrs Balls chutney, my samoosa Halaal

One smile from you and I float to the sky
I feel like the Springboks have just scored a try

You’re my chilli, my roti, my Eskimo Pies
I’d rather have you than the Lotto first prize

And this letter my skattie, is only the start
‘Cos you’ve taken the cable-car straight to my heart

You’re my best friend, my lover, my very own wife
You’re truly the tomato sauce on the slap chips of life.

Have a lekker Valentines Day!

Khoi Khoi Bar & Braai